Understand Betting – All the Different Ways to Bet

posted on 26th Apr, 2019

There are four main ways to bet: on the “boards” or “rails” on the race track, on the Tote, at the betting houses on the main street, and also via the Internet or by phone.

  1. Bets on boards or rails.

The betting ring on any track consists of two areas of betting houses: boards and rails. The boards are located in the grandstand section of the racecourse, while the rails are located in front of the railing between the sections of the participants and the stands. Most major bookmakers will have representatives on the slopes.

The bets on the betting ring are mainly aimed at winning singles, although some bookies can accept bets in a way. There will be a minimum bet limit, and some bookies may not accept bets of less than 5 pounds. Once you have decided which horse (or dog) you think you will win, simply make your choice and give your money. In response, you will be given a hard copy of your computer to confirm your offer. If you win, wait until you hear a weighted signal, since winning tickets are usually not paid until this confirmation is received.

  1. The bets in the draw.

Most novice runners prefer to bet on draws (an abbreviation of Totalizator), because they offer a slightly easier way to bet, and are easy to find and access. They are often located near bars and restaurants and, therefore, do not require a walk up to the betting ring.

The main difference between placing a bet on a betting ring or a totalizer is that you know the odds before the start of the race when you use a betting office. This does not apply to Tote since it uses the rating system in the group.

In this system, all the money put into a specific bet goes to the pool. After Tote withdrew its interest, the remaining money is distributed among the winning tickets. The final dividend will be known only after the group closes at the beginning of the race, and no more bets can be accepted.


The advantages of Tote are that, in addition to the fact that they offer winning bets and bets in each direction, they also offer more exotic bets, such as predictions and bets, that have higher winning rewards. There are also fewer puzzles around Tote than in the betting ring, which makes it much more accessible for the novice player.

However, since this is popular with novice players, those horses with names or connections that sound interesting, especially on big days, will have much shorter odds than bookies.

  1. High Street Bookmakers

While the popular notion of a traditional betting office is a smoky, dark and slightly frightening place to visit, in real life they are usually clean, friendly and hospitable. They offer a wide range of ufabet opportunities, allowing you to bet on sports, new bets, virtual horses and dogs, as well as slot machines.

  1. Internet and telephone rates.

In recent years, the number of telephone and online rates has increased significantly. Both methods offer a quick and convenient way to gamble and allow you to do so from the comfort of your home.

All the major betting houses offer bets by phone and Internet, and there are several independent firms that are also interested in fighting for your business.

In summary

Both methods will require you to have a debit or credit card with which you will pay the bets and receive the winnings.

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