The History, the Play, and the Strategy

posted on 13th Jan, 2020

Poker Domino combines two table games that have been around for years and years. In the beginning, it started with a game called Pai Gow or “Double Hand” which originated from China, but the rules have been developed over time. The rules, or the play of the game, vary depending on which version you are playing. And there are tips and tricks to it, too.

Different people have different views on the game. There are those who think that the game leans towards sheer luck. But there are also those who believe that domino is not just based on luck, they are the experienced ones, those who have great aptitude when it comes to playing the game professionally. These players rely on the secret tactics that they put forth in the game. Frankly, more skilled players have bigger chances of winning as compared to an unskilled player.

A Short History

So have you ever wondered where and when and maybe even why poker domino started?

As mentioned, China started the game of Poker Domino. There have been many attempts to re-create the Pai Gow game into Pai Gow poker. And with that, there are now a number of variations of the game, but it is best to focus now on the subject matter. Different people have different opinions on whether the original or “remixed” version of the game is better than the other.

Poker Domino

A Play by Play

This game was made to be played by 2 to 4 players. To begin the game, the players must be able to agree on how much money should be placed on the bet. Preferably, the players must concede to the cutoff points, whether greatest or least, on the amount of money that was agreed upon. The bets they place is called their “ante”.

The dominos are placed face down except to the merchant player, who is the only one who can see the tiles, then hands over 5 dominos to each of the players in the game. As soon as the merchant player gives the tiles, the players can make several actions. Such us call, bet, fold, check, and raise when it is their turn in the game.

A Strategic Game

There are advantages to winning this game even for newbie players through the existing poker games. New players have the luxury of getting lessons to be able to learn some of them. A very important tip to remember is that although the hands have the same names as of the poker games, in this match, the ranking values are much different.

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