How to Beat a Poker Bot in Online Poker

posted on 24th May, 2017

Online Poker is a poker game played over the internet. It’s a game that can be enjoyed by anyone irrespective of their age. Earlier people used to go to the casino to play a poker game. But with technology, Poker game is now available on Poker Online Indonesia. While the game has got online, it is not different from the traditional game. It’s a fun game and has got very popular over the years. These games can be played by humans or even a poker bot.

What is a poker bot?

A poker bot is computer program which is designed to play the game against someone else or even another bot. Basically, it plays on its own without any interference from a human and it uses mathematical concepts to make decisions that are profitable.


Identify the bot:

In order to beat a Poker bot, we need to first identify if it is a bot or a human. Here are some ways to identify that you are playing against a bot:

  1. It repeats the use of a particular size of bet.
  2. Repeats the use of some lines.
  3. No response during a chat
  4. Joining a new table quickly

Beating a Poker bot

A good bot will have taken a lot of time to be designed. You need to find out their strategy and exploit these bots while playing Poker Online Indonesia.

  1. Profile bots: These are the most found bots. They act by trying to understand and keep a strategy of their opponent and play which means they use HUD. What it means is, if you are using a particular way to play, bot may even repeat it. So the next time it bets the same with you, you should change the bet.
  2. Most bots are programmed in a specific way to face 3-bet or 4-bet etc. which means they are not sensitive to the concept of sizing. You can use this smartly to make advantage. If the bot start with 3-bet and folds the same, you can bet -3bet to 5bb for any 2 cards. The idea is to change the strategies and watch the bot fold every time.
  3. Try to get the idea and strategy that the bot is using so that you can break it. Once you break a bot, there is a chance you can win.
  4. Bots can’t realize bluffing. For example, if the bot starts to bet with 3-bet with 2 cards, you can start with 4 –bet.

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